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About Tuzzy: Policies

Circulation, Overdue Fines, and Damage

Tuzzy Library does not have fines for late materials. There are fees for lost and damaged materials, and materials borrowed from other libraries are subject to late fines and fees from the owning library.

Reference Service

Staff at the library has been trained in the basics of the reference process and initially handle all reference questions. More advanced research concerns and requests for database searches should be addressed to the professional staff. All patrons will be treated with kindness and respect and will be accorded equal consideration in the reference process.

Bibliographic Instruction

The Library Director will work closely with all members of the teaching faculty to ensure that their needs are met. Faculty may arrange an instructional session for their students in the use of specific library and research resources. The Youth Services Librarian will provide instruction sessions requested from the schools and the public.

Computer Use

The Tuzzy Consortium Library provides computer workstations for free public access to further the mission, goals, and objectives of the Library. These computers are to be used for cultural, educational, and informational purposes. The Library expects that all use of electronic information resources will be responsible and ethical, consistent with the purpose for which these resources are provided. Internet Use: The Tuzzy Consortium Library provides access to the Internet in support of the Library's mission to encourage and support life-long learning. The Internet offers access to a wealth of information, but is a vast and unregulated information network. It enables access to ideas, information, images, and commentary beyond the confines of the Library's collection, mission, selection criteria, and collection development policies. The Library encourages all users to exercise critical judgment in evaluating the information accessed via the Internet and supports parental responsibility in monitoring their children's use of the Internet. Misuse or abuse of Library computers or Internet accesses may result in suspension of computer use privileges.


Tuzzy Consortium Library has adopted the following Rules of Library Conduct in order to maintain an environment that supports the mission and goals of the library and those of Ilisagvik College. These Rules of Conduct are necessary to the operation of the library and the safety and protection of library patrons, staff, and all library properties. Members of the public are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that does not interfere with others and that is in keeping with the nature of the library’s programs and services, which are here described. The library provides facilities and resources for the public to study, consult, select, and examine library materials or to participate in related library programs, or to use library equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, and viewing stations. Any activity not connected or compatible with these purposes is inappropriate. Anyone who disregards these purposes is subject to removal from the building and/or restriction of library privileges. For the comfort and safety of patrons, volunteers, and staff, and the protection of library property, the following behaviors or actions on the part of individuals using the library are grounds for immediate expulsion from the premises:

  1. Smoking within the library building or adjoining structures, including the ramp and arctic entryway. Underage smoking is strictly prohibited.
  2. Use of foul or abusive language.
  3. Loud, disruptive, distracting, or unsafe behavior, including fighting, running, pushing, shoving, throwing things, and loud talking or noise-making.
  4. Having food or drink at any time except during special library events.
  5. Being under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.
  6. Selling items of any kind, including food, drink, illegal drugs or other controlled substances.
  7. Soliciting or conducting surveys not authorized by the library or its affiliates.
  8. Carrying firearms or dangerous weapons of any kind.
  9. Verbally or physically threatening or harassing library patrons or staff, including sexual harassment.
  10. Vandalism, destruction, or misuse of library property and premises.
  11. Failure to comply with reasonable staff requests.

Additionally, the following activities are prohibited in the qanitchaq at all times: smoking, eating, and loitering. The entry should be clear and accessible from the inside and outside at all times.

Unattended Children

Parents and guardians are held responsible for their minor children whenever the children are in library buildings or on library property. The library is a very public place and the safety, comfort, well-being, and behavior of unsupervised or unattended minor children is a concern. If, at any time, library staff perceives an unattended child to be in danger, uncomfortable, physically ill, or unable to follow library conduct rules, parents will be notified. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, the child will be placed in the care of the North Slope Borough Police Department.

Services to Village Residents & Students

The school library in each village of the North Slope Borough is open at least 10 hours a week outside of normal school hours for use by the general public. Some reference material is housed at these libraries. Faculty may have material for their students kept in them as well. For additional services, village students may contact Tuzzy Library at 800-478-6916. ILL requests will only be mailed to village libraries.


It is the policy of the Tuzzy Consortium Library to safeguard access to a borrower’s record. The Library staff will maintain strict confidentiality of records pertaining to patron information and the circulating collection. This information will only be made available to the individual to whom it applies or to a parent or legal guardian. In order to ensure the privacy of personal information in the library’s database, staff members are prohibited from using patron information for personal reasons or to divulge it to non-library personnel.The Library staff will maintain strict confidentiality of reference inquiries. Patron activity in the library will not be discussed outside the library.

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